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Being a sport fan has many benefits, you can get together with Friends, enjoy a good game, have fun, and share different perspectives, and that's just what I like to do. I'm not an expert, so probably I don't write from an expert point of view. I like to keep it simple, but enjoyable. I have more than 10 years working in sports betting related activities. This has allowed me to travel to different countries and see for myself the amazing growth of the betting industry.

Even though, I'm not a gambler, I definitely enjoy all the excitement and passion involved in betting. Writing is just the way for me to be part of this. I love to be on top of trending topics, to keep readers updated. But I do it my way! You'll find useful information, interesting topics, but all of these from a fans' point of view.

A fan that not only likes sports but also enjoys a good movie or even a bad one, in good company. Someone who likes to have fun and lives life fully, with all its ups and downs. Because, just like in sports, there would be good and bad games, gamblers would have good and bad streaks and there's nothing we can do about it. I know that life is full of bumps in the road, but I'm definitely the kind of person who keeps on going, and takes risks, because, just as the saying goes... nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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31 Aug 19 | CHOOSING THE RIGHT PAY PER HEAD PLATFORM FOR YOUR PLAYER GROUP. Learn how to choose the right PPH service platform for your players on the basis of their generational group.

The technique of not betting to attract punters by SportFan

25 Feb 19 | Bookies that have been in the industry for a few years know that a common marketing technique to attract new customers is to offer welcome bonuses to hook gamblers. Usually, these welcome bonuses are subject to some restrictions such as for example that the bettor must make a minimum bet of $ 50 or $ 100 to apply the bonus.

Having a contingency plan in case of unemployment by SportFan

02 Oct 18 | We live in difficult times in which we cannot trust the economy and the traditional market structures, since overnight a company can hit bankruptcy or unexpected turns in the stock market can make the company for which we work have to make massive cuts of personnel to be able to stay in operation and this can get to affect us.

Why business performance indicators are important for bookies. by SportFan

06 Sep 18 | If you are a bookie then you know the importance of the statistics of the players, this information in the form of numbers is used by the teams to measure and evaluate the performance of the players throughout the seasons in order to make decisions.

Strategies to Set Up a Bookie Business by SportFan

26 Jun 18 | Establishing a betting business becomes a more viable and relevant option for all those thinking of starting or investing in an activity that generates good income and is easy to manage.

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