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Betting Options in NASCAR Races, Understand What Bettors Want


NASCAR is a huge thing in America, with a total annual attendance to race tracks of 3.6 million people and an audience of 12.5 million households, you can tell there are some people that love this sport, and of course among those people there are bettors willing to put money on the line. As a pay per head bookie, you want those players to come to your betting site and to achieve that you first must understand the common bets used in Nascar races.
There are four types of wagers bettors can place on a race:
1. Driver vs. Driver Matchups: This one is pretty straight forward as players pick a driver to win vs. another one. For example, Jaime McMurray +100 vs. Brad Keselowski -120. The positive number stands for the underdog and also indicates how much money the player will make per $100 bet. The negative number indicates the favorite, in this case Keselowski and $120 is the amount of money the player must risk to profit $100.
2. Odds to Win the Race: This one is very simple, the player must pick the driver he thinks will win the race, this type of bet usually offers good payouts to the players due to the difficulty to select one driver out of many. There is another option you can offer to your players that’s called Bet the Field, which allows them to cover all the drivers not listed on the odds to win page.
3. Props: These are the exotic and sometimes weird bets, for example, Car Brand to Win the Race or Number of tires a driver will use in a whole season. Props can be anything and is up to you as a bookie to determine which ones you are going to offer and how.
4. Futures: As the name indicates, these are long term wagers, for example, the winner of a cup at the end of the NASCAR season. This type of wager also offers big payouts to the players, keep in mind that when you feature this option on your betting site.
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