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Do not sell your betting business to the masses, look for market niches.


The betting business is not one that can be sold in bulk. Bookies that want to be successful and generate good profits have to develop strategies that allow them to appeal to several market niches at the same time.

For a long time the bookies have used the strategy of the big 3, that is, they focus their betting offer on the NFL, NBA, and MLB. While these leagues are extremely lucrative for bookies, this strategy has the following flaws:

Relying on only these leagues can put profitability at risk throughout the year since during the breaks of these leagues the bets will fall considerably.

Younger bettors are looking for a variety of options to bet on, so when entering a betting site that is focused only on the NFL, NBA, and MLB, they look for another place to place their bets.
Given this scenario bookies must work to expand their betting offer so that they can attack different market niches at the same time, some recommendations to achieve this:

Have a good Pay Per Head partner
The first thing that bookies need is to have a good Pay Per Head partner since these companies provide the bookies with 2 fundamental elements to be able to attack different market niches: The first one is access to a wide catalog of bets with leagues and sports from all over the world. The second element is the ability to design and manage several betting sites at the same time.

Experiment with different markets
Once the bookie has a good Pay Per Head partner, the next thing is to start experimenting with the different betting options found in the Per Head company catalog. The bookie should start promoting these betting options so that it can identify where the potential customers are.

Design alternative websites
Once the bookie has identified potential markets, the idea is to create alternative betting sites that appeal only to that potential market. In this way, bettors will feel more comfortable when entering a betting site that appeals to their tastes and preferences.

The amount of betting options that Pay Per Head companies make available to the bookies gives them an almost infinite capacity to innovate and find new markets to expand their business.
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