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The House Always Wins


This is the number 1 rule of any casino or gambling related business because gambling is a business with a revenue model designed to ensure its profitability. We are quite sure that you want to become a pay per head bookie to make money and to do that you must understand how this rule applies to your betting site operation.

If you want to have a popular betting site with tons of players each month, you need to find a balance between the winning players and the losing ones. Your business will be healthier and will continue growing as long as you can keep this balance. For example, if you apply the rule at its fullest and the house (in this case your betting site) always wins, in the short term your players will get tired and frustrated of placing wagers with you, and they may even think that your site is a fraud where nobody ever wins. In the other scenario, if your players always win, you will face bankruptcy in no time.
You need both scenarios to work along in harmony; if players win they will feel motived and “lucky” to keep playing, this a game of engagement, for example if a player has $100 for wagers, and he starts to place $5 bets, with a mix of wins and losses and due to the rule of probability, chances are that he lost $50 on your site in a matter of hours. The player will give more importance to the $50 he makes out of winnings (that in fact, he didn’t win, he just managed to keep that amount from the starting $100) and since he feels “lucky” he will continue to bet the remaining $50.
That $100 example is for the average joe that comes to your site testing their luck, you will have to deal with another type of gamblers and that is the pro players, who have more chances of winning since they know how to bet and in most cases they make a living out of gambling, but don’t be afraid we will explain how to deal with them and use the pro players to boost your betting site in another post.
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