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The New Generations in Gambling


Millennial, a term you heard a lot these days, those born between the years of 1980 and 2000 are often labeled with this word in an effort to understand and categorize their behavior. There are about 2.5 billion of people that fall in the category of millennial around the world, that’s why bookies should pay close attention to these people as they represent one of the biggest market opportunities.
If you want to serve the millennial market and attract some of them to your betting site, follow these pieces of advice:
Socially Connected
One of the main characteristics of the millennials is they are always connected, these people don’t conceive their life without the internet and a smartphone, everything they do is through these two things. So if you want to bring some of them to your bookie business, you need a strong presence on social media. Twitter and Facebook are the main channels to focus on but don’t underestimate other networks such as Instagram and YouTube. You have to show that you speak the same digital language as they, don’t expect a phone call from them, all their questions and inquiries will be made on social media channels.
Mobile First
As we mentioned, these people live their life through the screen of a smartphone, that’s why your betting site needs to be mobile friendly since there is a big chance the first contact they have with your business is through such device. To complete the experience you also need a mobile app to offer them with all the features they need to place bets and check their balances 24/7.
Short and Quick Answers
Millennials have high expectations, no patience and they cut to the chase. You need a quick and reliable customer service that delivers short and direct answers and that can suit all they need.
Many economists and academics claim that millennials are responsible for the death of some industries and the reshape of others, be it as it may, if you want to have success as a pay per head bookie, you need to understand and take advantage of all the potential clients.
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