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Your Betting Site Design Can Make You or Break You


Nobody likes to enter a shop or store that is messy and poorly maintained and where the staff looks like they came out of the great depression of the 30's. We all like to be serving in a place that is nice and clean with good decoration, illumination, and staff.
This rule also applies to websites, particularly if you are in the bookie business, a bad website can make you or break you. Since all your marketing efforts on the digital channels (such as Facebook, Google, Email, Youtube, etc.) will be focused on sending people to your betting site, is highly important that your potential players land on a website that is user-friendly, visually pleasant and projects a professional image.
The betting site along with your toll free number is going to be your players' main touch point with you, so you have to make sure they work perfectly and provide an outstanding user experience, this is why you have to choose a Pay Per Head Provider that offers you a complete set of web development and design services to build and constantly enhance your assets.
Perception Builds Trust
You want your players to trust you, and the only way to achieve this is by offering them professional high-quality services. If your betting site looks outdated and insecure nobody is going to do business with you. That’s why you have to set up a plan of updates to your site and work along the web design team of your Pay Per Head provider to incorporate the latest trends and services, we recommend that you update your site at least every 3 months, but don’t get too crazy about the updates and change the entire layout of the site, just do little tweaks here and there to improve the user experience and to prove your clients you care about them.
As we always say the best way to know what your clients want is to ask them directly, so don’t be afraid to ask two of your players for recommendations.
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