ABC per Head's Pricing Plans

ABC per Head’s Pricing Plans

A Complete Guide: How ABC per Head’s Pricing Plans Can Save You Money

Finding the ideal pay-per-head (PPH) provider is key when starting or expanding a bookie business, and ABC per Head offers customizable pricing plans with numerous features to help bookies save money while increasing revenue. In this article, we’ll give an in-depth guide to ABC per Head’s pricing plans and how they can help save you money.

Customizable pricing plans

ABC per Head offers flexible pricing plans designed to meet bookies’ individual needs and budgets. This way, bookies only pay for the services they require without worrying about paying for extra features like unnecessary advertisements. Pricing plans depend on how many active players a bookie has, starting as low as $5 per player for plans with 1–5 active players!

No hidden fees

ABC per Head’s pricing plans offer many benefits to bookies, one of which is their lack of hidden fees. Bookies no longer need to worry about being charged extra for services they did not request or know existed; with transparent plans like these in place, they know exactly what their payment covers.

ABC per Head’s Pricing Plans Include Key Features

ABC per Head’s pricing plans offer bookies an extensive list of features designed to save them money and increase revenue, such as:

Risk Management: ABC per Head equips bookies with all of the tools necessary for effective risk management, enabling them to set player limits, access reports, and monitor player activity in real time.

Mobile Betting: Bookies can offer their players the convenience of betting from mobile devices with ABC per Head’s mobile betting platform, which will increase player engagement and revenue growth.

Live Betting: ABC per Head’s live betting platform allows bookies to offer in-game betting options to their players, helping increase revenue.

ABC per Head’s pricing plans also provide access to a casino and racebook, which can help bookies increase their revenue streams.

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Excellent customer support is available 24/7/365.

ABC per Head’s pricing plans come equipped with exceptional customer support, offering bookies access via phone, email, and live chat for any issues they might be having. This allows them to save both time and money by having someone available 24/7 to address issues directly instead of having to deal with them on their own.

ABC per Head offers bookies an ideal combination of customizable pricing plans, transparent pricing structures, and features designed to save them money and increase revenue. Furthermore, their outstanding customer support services help bookies save time while preventing mistakes that cost money in time or revenue loss. With ABC per head, bookies can rest easy knowing they’re receiving maximum value for their investment.

If you want to succeed in the sports betting industry, then it is best to book your action through one of the top pay-per-head companies with the best pricing plas To get started as a bookie, call ABCperHead at 1-888-990-2387 today.

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