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Powerful Sportsbook Management Software for Bookies

If you’re a bookie or a sportsbook operator, you know the importance of having reliable pay per head (PPH) Sportsbook management software to help manage your sports betting operations. A good Sports Bookie PPH provider can help streamline your business and save you time and money. Here are some key features to look for when choosing a great sports betting software.

The key to success

Per Head’s core business is to provide Sportsbook management software services. This results in greater technological investment. ABCPerHead is the best example. Although they offer software, their primary focus is on the best technology.

Their argument is that it doesn’t matter if you have top-line managers and customer support in the industry if they aren’t able to perform at the highest level due to faulty software or network problems. They are correct, you must admit.

Since the first online sportsbook site was launched, the main issues have been reliability and security. The first few years were disastrous, and many speculated that this business would fail on the web. Yet we are here, 20 years later, still strong.

It has been difficult to perfect sports betting, in-play betting, racebook software, or casino games. ABCperHead operates as an online bookie service. We are constantly analyzing the market and looking for the best products to offer. We focus on products that have the highest potential for acceptance but also provide the greatest profit opportunity.

Top Technology

To have great Sportsbook management software perform at its peak, it must be run on a great network. This is where ABCperHead stands out from the rest. Dual contact and data centers are available in different areas. Each can handle the entire operation independently. All systems and servers are redundant, as well as terminals, to ensure 99.9% uptime year-round. Your sports betting business can grow without worrying about system downtime or slowdowns. Servers are capable of handling five times the current heavy workloads.

They use a private cloud to distribute the workload across multiple machines. To ensure the best performance, all systems are regularly tested by fail-safe systems. They also have a content distribution network that includes caching servers in over 60 countries. This allows for faster loading of the front end as well as individual agent skins.

They have employed senior IT engineers to oversee the operation to safeguard their multi-million-dollar tech investment. This is unlike other services, which hire junior IT staff to cut costs. They use the best security protocols for both the physical offices and online. The entire network is protected by a 7-layer DDoS attack protection scheme that allows them to separate the real traffic from the garbage. This means your customers will always have access to betting sites.

Because they understand the importance of technology in online betting, the switch has been made to the only pay-per-head service that offers the most advanced technology: ABCperHead

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