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Twitter: @Walker_J23
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Why Call Centers Still Matter in 2018? by JakeWalker

09 May 18 | Nowadays it seems crazy to invest thousands of dollars in the setup of a traditional call center, with all the digital tools like chatbots

Do you need talent and skills to become a successful bookie? by JakeWalker

19 Mar 18 | This a common question among those who want to enter the bookie business, most of them are afraid of not have the required skills and talent to be a successful bookie and that’s why the never made the jump in the wagering world.

The balance between mobile and desktop betting by JakeWalker

05 Jan 18 | During 2017, many Sportbooks launched their mobile betting solutions in order to serve the vast amount of people that use their smartphones for almost everything and everywhere, even in the toilet; according to Magazine Discounter, 75% of Americans have used their mobile phones in the bathroom.

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