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Customer Services Tips for Bookies.


Although bookies that have a good Pay Per Head partner do not have to worry much about the daily attention of their clients, it is always good to know a trick or two to achieve an excellent customer service when the opportunity to deal with a customer arises.

To help the bookies to provide exceptional treatment to their customers, we present the NEP model (Nice, Efficient, and Patient).


It does not matter how your mood is, whenever a client comes in contact with you, you should be nice. Emotions are contagious and if you are angry and the client is a little annoyed, your anger will be perceived and spread to the client, so the two will quickly be angry. It does not matter how difficult the situation is, how disgusted the client is or how irrelevant the client's request is, always try to be nice and friendly with.


The best way to keep a customer happy is to give him what he needs in the shortest time possible, for this reason whenever you are dealing with a client try to be the most efficient you can be, try to give quick, clear and effective responses to the client requests. In the event that you do not have all the information to respond to the client, be clear and honest and commit to having a prompt solution.


Listen to your client as much as you can, pay close attention to every detail of the conversation no matter how insignificant it may seem since a client who feels heard will be much easier to deal with than one who does not. Being patient no matter how tedious and complicated a client is, this is the key to providing excellent customer service.

Given a large amount of competition that is emerging in the betting industry, only the bookies that manage to generate strong ties with their customers will be able to survive and grow their businesses. For this reason, despite the fact that the staff of your Pay Per Head partner is the one in charge of dealing with the clients every day, the bookies must also look for chances to interact and know more about their clients, these interactions will be even more profitable if the bookie is able to provide excellent customer service.  

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