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The NBA wants to innovate in the betting business, this is good news for the bookies.


Some leagues are exploring the world of the betting industry to revitalize the interest of fans in the sport. Such is the case of the NBA that is working on the development of a virtual betting game. This type of games already exists in other parts of the world, but the NBA seems to want to present it as the next big thing in betting products.

This type of virtual gambling consists of a computer program that runs an algorithm that randomly chooses a winner for each event. Bettors can bet on who will be the winner, the first to score and totals. In the case of the NBA virtual game, it will use footage and official highlights of the games in the league.

As we mentioned, these virtual betting games already exist in other parts of the world such as Japan and some European countries, recently they are gaining more popularity among Western bettors since unlike traditional bets where the bettor has to wait between one game and another in virtual games the bettor can bet on a new event every 15 minutes or less.

The launching of this product by the NBA is great news for the bookies since it would be the first league in the US to enter the virtual betting market, which means that a new market segment will be opened, one that can be very lucrative for the bookies. As this will cause virtual games to become more popular in the US market. As we mentioned this type of games allows bettors to place bets more frequently and at shorter time intervals, which means more bets for the bookie.

Bookies that want to take advantage of this type of bets must ensure that their Pay Per Head partner has the platforms and tools to offer virtual bets. In addition, they must ensure that they have the tools to control the bettors since this type of bets tends to be very addictive and by allowing the bettor to place bets consecutively, gamblers can lose control very quickly and put at risk the profits of the betting business.
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