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Why Having Several Types of Bettors is Important?


I'm still amazed and scared for the number of bookies that only want high rollers on their betting site, this way of thinking may bleed your business to death, since high rollers can cause huge damages to your bankroll. A healthy and profitable betting site has several types of players that create a perfect balance between them.

Here are the most important types of bettors you need on your betting site and the reason why:

High Rollers

Of course, high rollers are important and they represent a great source of cash. But first, you need to define what a high roller is depending on the size of your gambling business, as an example, for small bookies a high roller can be someone that bets $1,000, for larger bookies high rollers make bets of $20,000. Once you set your own criteria to identify high rollers, you need to keep them balanced, use the wager limit tool of your betting management software to set the boundaries you can tolerate. You don’t want a high roller that places a bet larger than your whole bankroll. High rollers can be a good source of profit each month, so having a couple of them on your betting site is great, the problem comes when they win, that’s the reason why you need to keep an eye on each bet they make.

Casual Players
These type of players tend to be overlooked by bookies because they place bets of a couple of hundreds, the key is that they bet constantly at least twice a month or even more often. This is the type of player you want to have hundreds of them. Since each bet builds up a great source of cash. Casual players don’t think their bets, like the high rollers do, and they don’t have a betting strategy, they just want to have fun.

First Timers
A healthy betting site has at least 10% of first-time bettors, this is people that have never bet before and want to try their luck. First timers are good because they keep your cash flow positive since they rarely win the first bet and with their contact information you can create marketing campaigns to turn them into casual players.

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