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Why Small Bookies Need a Pay Per Head Partner


I recently met a small bookie that has about 10 regular recreational players whom he has known for a long time and with whom he has a great relationship. This bookie handles all your operation with spreadsheets where you register bets, balances to be paid to the winners or accounts receivable to the players who have credit. In addition, all communication with your players is through texts, email or eventually phone calls.

This bookie thinks that it is already making good use of technological tools to manage its betting business and considers that it does not need a pay per head provider because its operation is too small.

The truth is that this bookie is wrong since pay per head providers are for bookies of all sizes, but the small ones are the ones that benefit most from the services of pay per head companies. Small bookies spend a lot of time tracking their customers, answering calls or messages, recording bets and doing the calculations at the end of each sporting event. All this work can be reduced by up to 60% by having the services of a pay per head since the vast majority of these tasks will be assumed by the staff and the automated systems of the pay per head company.

By having a pay per head provider the business will be more cost-efficient since pay per head companies charge a small monthly fee per active player. In addition, this fee gives the bookies access to a wide range of tools and infrastructure that alone cost thousands of dollars.

A reliable pay per head provider is the key to small bookies being able to grow their business since they can spend much more time looking for new players and will not have to worry about routine tasks that consume time such as calculating profits and losses of each player.
The value that Pay Per Head suppliers bring to the operations of any bookie is incalculable because thanks to reliable pay per head companies bookies can grow the betting business unlimitedly.

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