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4 principles bookies must consider before starting their business.


Establishing a betting business is relatively easy thanks to the Pay Per Head companies that offer aspiring bookies all the tools and platforms necessary to have a business operating in less than 48 hours.

While Pay Per Head companies facilitate many tasks, there are others that only the bookie can do. Some of those tasks include the conceptualization of the business. To help bookies with business conceptualization we present 4 basic principles that must be taken into account for any successful betting business.

To highlight from the competitors the bookie must be clear about what type of image, values, and characteristics want to project to the market. For this, they must define how they want to position the betting site and its brand as a bookie. For example being the number one bookie in European soccer bets for the US market. Be clear about what type of positioning you want,  helps to attract more customers and serve them better because they will identify the betting site easily.

When designing the betting business, it is important to define what will be the primary channels of attracting customers, since in this way the bookie can allocate the necessary resources to develop these channels. Some bookies usually leave this point at random and concentrate only on establishing the business, thinking that just by opening the betting site, customers will start arriving, which is a big mistake.

Protocols must be established to determine what the interaction with the bettors will be once they arrive at the betting site. These protocols must include the type and frequency of messages that bettors will receive from the bookie, among others.

4. Customer loyalty
Finally, once the bettor has made his first bet on the betting site, the important thing is to determine a plan to make him loyal and get him to return the betting site frequently. Establishing a VIP program that rewards the most active players is a good idea to build loyalty to gamblers and keep the flow of money on the betting site.

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