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A deep look on the mobile user of 2018.


It is no secret to anybody that mobile users are an important part of the betting business and that they increase more and more each day. For this reason, bookies have to know in depth to this type of users in order to be able to provide them with betting services that meet their needs.

To help bookies to better understand mobile users, we present the following data:

Apps dominate
Although you might think that the apps market is saturated and that it is not worth launching an app since nobody is going to install it. The truth is that 91% of smartphone users use apps for one or more hours a day, every day. The categories of most used apps are games, sports, entertainment, and news.
For bookies, this means that there is a large enough potential market for betting apps since betting apps fall into the category of sports and entertainment. For this reason, bookies must have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with a robust mobile betting system compatible with the IOS and Android systems, so that they can serve the entire spectrum of mobile bettors.

Balance of Gender
An interesting fact is that 80% of users of sports apps are men (actually not as interesting as it was expected) what is interesting is that the remaining 20% are women. In general, the bookies when designing their marketing campaigns make them thinking about men since these are the ones who bet the most. But there is a potential market for women interested in sports and with the right marketing strategy, they could become recurring bettors of our betting site. For this reason, bookies have to expand the range of their marketing campaigns and design strategies that appeal to the female public.

The right time
35% of the users use sports apps while watching TV and 33% do so at night. By joining these 2 data, we can infer that most people use sports apps when viewing live game transmissions. Bookies can take advantage of this by promoting live betting options for games that are broadcast on national television.

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