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Acquire Players on Question Sites


When you are planning your marketing strategy for your betting site, you have to consider the most cost effective platforms to spread the Word about your gambling business. That's the reason why many bookies choose social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to run marketing campaigns. These kinds of sites offer a wide range of advertising options and allow bookies to reach a massive number of potential players at a low cost. 

 But keep in mind that the internet is a huge place, and even when sites like Facebook have millions of users, about 2.5 billion monthly active to be precise, is not the only place where you can find and connect with potential players. We are talking about question sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora and open forums.? 

 People use this kind of sites to get answers about all kinds of questions from how to change a tire to how to place a bet on the next Super Bowl. So if you want to take advantage of these kinds of websites to acquire new blood for your betting site, here are some tips: 

 Perform a Search 

You have to think like a noob player, and write down the kind of questions someone with 0 gambling experience will ask, and then perform a search on the internet with those questions. With this you will be able to spot the gamble related questions on this kind of websites. 

 Create a Profile and Start Answering 

We highly recommend that you create an account to answer the questions, and skip the anonymous option, you want to gain the community's trust by giving honest and clear answers that show that your bookie business and your knowledge are legit. 

 Be Smart 

Don't try to push your betting site link in every answer you post, be smart and identify when a good time to do so is. Remember that the value you are providing is your knowledge, be patient and the opportunity will show to talk about your betting site. 

 This kind of website will not only provide you with potential players, but also help to gather useful information about betting trends and player's behavior. 

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