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Are You Active or Passive with your Bookie Business?


Most people think that you only need to put your betting site online in order to start making a profit without moving a muscle, and you can do it that way but it would affect the amount of cash you can earn, that’s why you should choose which approach you will have for your betting site.
Passive Bookies
This kind of bookies are the ones that already have a stable client base (mostly local) that always comes around once or twice a week to place bets with them. Since the relationship between both is well-established, the bookie already knows what betting options their players look for, and doesn't have to do a big effort to satisfy their needs. These bookies are on the comfort zone, they have a good cash flow, but the business doesn't grow and the income is almost the same each month. Most of these bookies have other jobs aside the betting business and they see the gambling business as a parallel way to earn some extra cash, that's why they don't think to reinvest more time or money into the business.
Active Bookies
On the other side you have active bookies, this kind are more ambitious and often spend 100% of their time focus on the betting business. They are always on the hunt for new players, that's why they invest lots of money into the business to run marketing campaigns, hiring extra staff to help them with the daily tasks to manage the betting business and in some cases they have more than one betting site. For these bookies the gambling industry is a way of living and they made juice profits, their business is always expanding and the income grows every month.
Regardless of the path you choose as a bookie, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is to choose the right pay per head partner, thus this decision will help you achieve your business goals, the Pay Per Head Company will give you all the tools you need to be an active or passive bookie.
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