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Are the social networks of your betting business working?


The presence in social networks has become a must for companies of all industries nowadays. If companies do not have a good presence in social networks, they are likely to lose many business opportunities. The problem is that many companies confuse the concept of presence in social networks and believe that it is enough to have a profile in each social network that exists and forget that these platforms are to establish relationships with potential customers.

In the betting industry, it is very common to find bookies that have a profile on several social networks, but these profiles have not uploaded content in months or even years. This type of practice generates doubts in the potential gamblers since when they see a profile that does not generate content for so long they come to believe that the bookie may be out of business or that the business is not taken seriously.

According to a survey by the firm Deloitte, social network users use these platforms to learn about a company's reputation, compare the offer of products and services of several companies and finally verify comments from other users who have used that company. For this reason, bookies must have a good social media strategy that allows them to take full advantage of the potential of these platforms to connect and attract new bettors to their betting site.

Some of the best practices that bookies should implement in their social networks are:

Regular Updates

The first thing that bookies should do to have a good presence in social networks is to generate content constantly, update their social networks at least every 2 days with the latest sports news, betting forecasts, among others.


A successful profile in social networks is not one that has hundreds of thousands of likes, it is where there is a constant interaction and in two ways between the bookie and the users. Bookies should ensure that the content they generate is attractive in a way that motivates the interaction of users by encouraging them to leave comments and share the content. The interaction also implies that the bookie must respond quickly to queries that enter through social networks and always try to help users with all the questions they have. 

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