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Attract Millennial Bettors to your Betting Site.


For several years we have heard the term millennial to refer to hyperconnected young generations who love technology. Many brands have struggled to try to understand and build loyalty to this generation with their products, but in most cases they have failed, which has created a stigma around millennials as a market segment that is difficult to develop and of which it is better to stay away, since it would be an expenditure of energy and money to advertise and try to sell something to this generation.
The reality is different and millennials are not so complicated, you just have to do a little more research to understand their tastes and preferences in order to design the best strategies to sell them a product or service.

Below we present the most important keys to advertising to millennials so that bookies can take advantage of this important market segment.

Content Advertising

To market a product to millennials, you have to forget traditional interruption advertising such as TV spots, pop-ups or flyers. Millennials hate being interrupted in their activities since they were born with the platforms that allow them to skip advertising. This is why the best way to present a product is through content advertising, ie to introduce the product in question in content that is relevant to them as videos or blogs. According to an Animoto study, 80% of millennials use videos to conduct research on products and services. Bookies can do this by creating high-quality videos with original content about sports and in an organic and discreet way to include mentions to the brand of their betting site. When creating advertising for the segment of millennials you have to be very creative and not be afraid to experiment with different formats.

Watch what is said of your brand

Millennials tend to do a lot of research on the Internet about the companies and products they intend to acquire. If they find negative comments about a product from other users, they are likely to look for another option with better comments. For this reason, bookies must take care and monitor what is said of their online betting business, they should check that the reviews on third-party pages, comments in forums or posts on social networks reflect positive comments. If you find any negative comments it is best to contact the author of the comment in order to clarify the situation, know the reason for that comment and offer some solution, in order to keep a high-quality customer service.

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