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Audit the Quality of your Customer Services


We have mentioned in this blog that customer services matter a lot on the gambling industry and that lots of money can be lost due poor customer services. Pay per head companies spend thousands of dollars to achieve a high standard of customer satisfaction and provide bookies with an army of betting experts that can take care of any type player. But even with all the training and constantly supervision form the Pay per head company, it's highly recommended that you perform your own audit of the customer services quality of your current  Pay Per Head provider, there may be some areas of improvement that the per head provider is passing over.

Here are the 5 levels of customer satisfaction you have to examine when doing a customer services audit:

Courtesy form the Clerk: This is the first level where you have to evaluate: how the clerk answers the phone, his voice tone and the length of his answers (too short can feel brusque, too long can be annoying). Courtesy is the key to establish rapport with the players, and make them feel comfortable during the whole call.

Clerks Knowledge:  Players wants to talk with some that know the same or even more than they, about gambling, if the clerk lacks in betting knowledge players may feel insecure about your bookie business and may look for some else to do business with.

Friendliness of the Clerk: Courtesy is following the common etiquette rules. Friendliness is taking the situation to a higher level and treats the player as a friend, taking care of they need, while making them feel special and happy of doing business with you.

Clerk Responsiveness Ability: Each player will have a different type of enquires and needs, the clerk must have the ability to take care of all, quickly and effectively without hesitation, literally they must have an answer for any question.

Complain Resolution: The final level is when a player has a problem or complaint that needs to be solved. Here is where the true ability of a clerk shines through, on how he deals with the player without losing the calm and providing a resolution to the whole situation.

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