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Bets continue at a steady pace throughout the USA.


It is extremely encouraging that sports betting continues to spread throughout the US territory thanks to the initiatives of state governments, such as the case of these two states:
West Virginia goes beyond sports betting

Some states are realizing that just allowing sports betting is not enough to satisfy gamblers since they want to have the peace of mind to be able to carry out any gambling activity legally. Given this scenario, Governor Jim Justice approved bill H2934, which legalizes online casinos and poker in the state of West Virginia.
This places West Virginia as the fifth state to legalize poker and online casinos. The state has 5 land-based casinos that can apply for one of the 5 available casino and poker licenses. The cost of the licenses is $ 250,000.
West Virginia has been one of the states that have most embraced sports betting since the ban was lifted.
Montana could have sports bets this year
Further west in the state of Montana Senator Mark Blasdel is working overtime to be able to push his bill that would allow the state to have sports bets this year. Montana was on the list of the 4 states that will allow sports betting in their territory when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was ratified. The problem is that the state never took advantage of this and limited itself to pool betting.
With the new boom of sports betting in the US, Montana wants to get everything in the game as the bill that is being approved includes mobile betting and the establishment of up to 300 betting kiosks in bars and casinos.
Although in many states there is still no approved legislation for sports betting and other types of bets, the fact is that bets are a reality in the USA and it is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
The Pay Per Head bookies benefit from this boom as punters are eager to have some action. Bookies should only remind potential gamblers that it is legal to bet with an offshore provider and thus promote their betting offer to all US states.
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