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Bookie Basics, Understanding Hold Percentage


The bookie business is seen as a complex industry, full of weird argots, lots of numbers and calculations, this is one of the reasons why people don't have gambling as their top priority when it comes to business ideas. In fact, many people still don't understand how a bookie makes money, that's why we are going to do a quick recap on hold percentage.
Hold percentage is the amount of money that needs to be paid out to winners against the amount that needs to be collected on losing bets. In most cases, private bookies charge a 10 percent commission on all losing bets, that means if a player places a $100 bet on an NBA game a loses, he would owe the bookie the original $100 plus $10 of commission, for a total of $110.
So most bookies make money out of the commission charged to losing players, very simple. Giving this scenario bookies have to work hard to keep a balance on both sides of the potential outcome of a game, that means, having the same amount of money bet for each team.
To keep the balance on each side of a bet, bookies have to rely on the control and reporting tools provided by the pay per head companies, for example, use the live bet tracker to watch the betting trends that are happening on their betting site, or use the control tools to set betting limits for a specific account. Bookies need to actively manage the day to day operations of their betting site in order to avoid a nasty surprise, where all bets went to just one side of the spread.
Finally, every bookie needs to set up their own goals of percentage winnings per week from the overall bets, as we mentioned, you can have a 10 percent commission for each losing bet, but in case you don't manage the balance very well, your total winnings percentage can be affected, so keep an eye open and don't let that your overall percentage goes below 5 percent of all the losing bets.
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