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CS_Summit 4. A way to enter the world of eSports gambling.


For many bookies, eSports is an area of betting that they do not know very well how to enter, and most importantly, how to generate money from this new trend in the betting industry.

A good option for bookies to experience and promote betting on eSports within their betting sites is with the CS_Summit 4 that will take place from May 23 to 26 in Los Angeles. This event focuses on the popular Counter Striker GO shooting game, better known as CS: GO and will bring together the best 6 teams in this game, who will compete for a $ 150,000 prize.

The CS_Summit 3 record in the video game streaming platform twitch more than one million views, so it is expected that for this edition the number of viewers will increase since the organizers of the event Beyond the Summit usually generate a large amount of content related to the teams before the competition.

The bookies that have a good partner of Pay Per Head can take advantage of this event that although it is not the largest in the world of eSports it has a good level of popularity to attract some casual bettors. One of the strategies that bookies can use to attack bettors is using the underdog team and show the potential profit a bettor can make with a single bet, since this competition feature only 6 teams, it gives the illusion that the team within the bottom of the odds table has the same chance of winning than the leader. This gives the bookie the edge since bettors would go for the underdog in order to make a good profit from their bets.

The eSports are a trend that the bookies cannot ignore and to which they must enter quickly since as time passes eSports gain more popularity. Bookies that want to take full advantage of the eSports trend must have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with access to odds and betting lines for the main eSports events around the world, as well as all the tools and platforms that they need to serve the eSports gamblers.

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