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Common Startup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


When we undertake in a business venture our main goal is to achieve success, nobody wants to fail, but unfortunately for many entrepreneurs, their bad decisions lead their businesses to ruin, if you want to avoid making the same mistakes, here's a list of the most common startup mistakes and how to avoid them:
Build something nobody wants
The most common mistake many entrepreneurs make is build a product or services nobody wants. The problem is that they don't validate their product through a market research, what may sound as a good idea is not such if no one is willing to pay for that idea. 
The best way to avoid this mistake is to undertake on businesses that have a proven niche market, such as the gambling business, where you can find around 1.6 billion that wager during any given year according to a study from Washington University. That's a huge market.
Hiring Poorly
The second most common mistake that has led many business to ruin, is hiring a bad staff that is not suitable for the type of business or industry. Many first time entrepreneurs look for friends and family at the beginning of their business because they want someone they can trust to be part of the business, but these practices can have bad consequences, thus their abilities may not be what the business needs. 
The headache of looking for staff can be avoided in the gambling industry, thanks to the pay per head providers that take care of the task of hiring and train staff for bookies, this way you can made sure that your bookie business will always have a competitive staff of professionals.
Lack of Focus
Finally, the lack of focus is the third most common mistake, thus an entrepreneur needs to take care of everything that happens whitin their business, from customer services to accounting and marketing, this can be overwhelming and they may lose focus of the important things. Instead, if you enter the gambling industry with the right pay per head provider, you only need to focus on client acquisition, everything else will be handled by the per head provider.
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