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Create a loyalty plan for your betting business.


A good betting site cannot grow and expand without a good loyalty plan to reward its clients since this type of plans is among the top 5 factors that bettors take into account when choosing a betting site.

The loyalty programs seek to generate a connection with the client, making him loyal and making him bet recurrently. If a loyalty program is executed correctly it can mean a substantial increase in bookie profits. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 loyalty programs is poorly executed, fails to deliver what it promised and does not meet the objective of generating a link with the consumer.

Since loyalty programs are such an important factor in having a successful betting business, we present the following tips to create a solid loyalty program for your betting site:

Attractive rewards

The basis of a good loyalty program is that the rewards are attractive to the players. Bookies should consider that there are many betting companies in the market and most of these companies offer the same types of benefits for their loyalty plans, for this reason, if the bookie wants to stand out from the competition he should think of attractive and creative rewards that get the attention of the players.

It must be entertaining

Being part of a loyalty program should be fun for the user. For this the bookies can implement different levels within the loyalty program, the punters must complete certain conditions to be able to ascend within the levels of the loyalty program and unlock more benefits. In this way, the loyalty program becomes a competition that motivates players to bet more to keep rising within the program. For this to work, the condition of the previous point must be met and the rewards and benefits must be attractive to keep the bettors interested.

Monitoring and follow up

One of the factors that cause loyalty programs to fail is that those in charge of them do not monitor the results or follow up on the gamblers. In order for the loyalty program to work, constant communication must be maintained with the members of the program, reminding them how to use the benefits, offering them new services and asking their opinion to make improvements to the program.

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