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Create your 2019 marketing calendar for your bookie business.


Some bookies complain that their marketing strategies do not have the expected effect and after investing time and money they get bad results. When it comes to marketing strategies what makes them effective is that they happen at the right time, meaning they find the customer at the right time and place. The problem is that these bookies that get bad results from their marketing strategies is because they do not have a plan, they simply perform marketing at the moment they get some money to do it or when they feel that the business is stagnating and they want to increase activity in the betting site.
To help the bookies to make their marketing strategies more effective, we advise them to plan the strategies according to an annual calendar in this way they will know in advance the times of the year when they should invest more money and resources to develop the campaigns. Here is an example of a sports events calendar that bookies can use as a reference to perform marketing strategies for those sports in those months:
January and February: While there are many sporting events during these months, the most important being the Australian Open and the Super Bowl, the bookies must focus all their marketing efforts on promoting betting options for these events.
March: March Madness gets all the attention this month, so bookies should focus on maximizing their marketing efforts for this event.
April and May: In these months the action of traditional sports goes down a bit, but it is the perfect month to promote the golf  Masters and horse races like the Grand National and the Kentucky Derby.
June: During this month the finals of the Stanley Cup and the NBA take place, so it is evident that the bookies should concentrate on promoting these events.
July, August, and September: These can be hard months for bookies since the action of traditional sports is nil, so they have to focus on promoting betting options for alternative sports such as tennis, golf, and cycling, which are the ones that have important events in these months. Although the NFL regular season starts in September it does not represent a big increase in the betting action.
October: The Baseball World Series is the protagonist of this month.
November: For this month the bets on football begin to heat, in addition to the start of college basketball.
December: It is an atypical month, the Christmas and end of the year parties distract the bettors. In markets like Europe is a month loaded with important soccer games so it can be an option for bookies to concentrate on this market.


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