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Deposit Options for Betting Sites


When you establish your betting site, the most important thing you have to choose is your Pay Per Head partner, and the second most important is the deposit options your players will have, thus without money, there is no gambling. You have to be very careful and wise when choosing deposit systems. Four key aspects you need to consider are:
You don't want to be the victim of a fraud and either your players, that's why you should choose deposit options that offers you several levels of security and encryption of the transactions. 
Each player has different reasons on why they want their betting action to remain anonymous, maybe is due to high taxes, or due to a love partner that doesn't approve gambling. Whatever the reasons are, you have to make sure that all player deposits will not show as such on their bank statements and that all the money that comes and goes between both are treated with high levels of privacy. 
Cash Flow
Some deposit options take hours or even days to show, thus you have to feature several deposit options that suit the player's needs for betting action. Some players are willing to wait for the funds to transfer, others want a more quick method that allows them to place a bet within hours of funding their account.
The fees charged for deposit vary from provider, some are small and others take a big cut for each transaction, this can affect the cash flow of your players, thus they have to pay for funding their account or can affect your cash flow making you pay for receiving the money. Either way, you need to have very clear idea of the fee amount for each deposit option you feature on your betting site.
The best you can do is try several deposit options such as e-wallets, like Neteller, this was a very popular service back in the 2000s before the gambling law change in the USA but it is still used by players worldwide. Bitcoins are on the raise and are a must for all bookies. And you can't go wrong with traditional bank wires.
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