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Discover new potential markets for your betting site.


Bookies that have long been in the industry believe they know everything about bettors and believe that they have manage to deciphered and cataloged to each type of bettor that exists. They believe they know well what type of bettor they can attract to their betting site with the right mix of betting and marketing options.

The truth is that there may be markets of gamblers hidden out there that have not yet been discovered and are not being served by any bookie since the market is constantly changing and evolving thanks to the emergence of new technologies. Nowadays it is easier than ever to reach larger and more distant audiences as we live in a fully interconnected global village, big brands have taken advantage of this to market their products to consumers outside their common niche, for example, a brand of cosmetics recently used digital advertising to take their message to an audience outside the world of beauty fanatics and obtained excellent results achieved a 2X return on investment.

Bookies can also take advantage of digital media to take their message to broader audiences and unleash new potential markets if they follow these recommendations:

Think of atypical markets
Instead of directing marketing campaigns to the typical NFL or NBA betting markets, bookies must think of people who would not be identified as bettors, for example in recent years Esports have gained popularity as a sport and as a betting option. The followers of this activity are not the typical sports fans or bettors, so when conducting a campaign for this type of potential gamblers you should use keywords related to video games and technology.

Be up to date with trends
The bookies that want to identify new potential markets must be up to date with the main tendencies in technology since by devices and electronic means it is possible to capture new potential players. For example, now virtual assistants such as Alexa are increasingly popular, so bookies should consider how to make their betting sites more voice-search friendly in order to reach the users of these devices.

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