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Do you have what it takes to be a Bookie?


To be successful in an industry requires a series of skills and knowledge to perform the tasks in the most effective and efficient manner, in addition to a number of external elements. This is why the question: What is needed to be a bookie? always arises in the minds of those who want to enter the betting industry but are not completely sure of possessing all the necessary elements to perform as a bookie.

The truth is that it does not take much to be a bookie; here we present the elements and skills necessary to be a bookie.

A good partner of Pay Per Head.

The essential element that every bookie needs to start in the betting industry is a good Pay Per Head partner, that provides all the necessary tools, technologies and services to be able to establish and operate your betting business. By having a reputable Pay Per Head, bookies have 70% of the elements and skills necessary to perform well in the betting industry since the Per Head partner will provide them with almost all the staff and business infrastructure needed.

The knowledge required by a bookie to be able to run a betting business are:

Mathematics: It is necessary to master basic operations that allow you to make calculations on profits and losses and that allows you to understand how odds work.

Business: A Master in Business is not required, but basic knowledge of administration, accounting and marketing are essential to managing the business in the best way.

Sports betting: Obviously, it is necessary that the bookie understand and know about several sports and sports betting to perform well in the betting industry.

It is not necessary to have a complete domain of the 3 areas of knowledge to start in the betting industry, with fundamental knowledge the rest can be learned on the fly. It's not a matter of economic resources to have a great bankroll or business skills, anyone can become a successful bookie, the only thing they need is passion for the business and the courage to face the ups and downs that may arise in the business development.

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