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Don’t give up to your bitcoins just yet.


A large majority is still very skeptical about cryptocurrencies, especially with Bitcoin since it has experienced big rises and big falls in the last year.

In the betting industry, many bookies are still afraid of cryptocurrencies and those who stepped forward and implemented the cryptocurrencies in their betting sites have suffered remorse for having made this decision due to the large falls in the price of bitcoin, which It has caused some bookies to lose a lot of money. But it seems that the situation with cryptocurrency is for the best, then we present the reasons why bookies should hold on to their bitcoins.

Market situation
The financial situation of the US in general terms is not the best since the levels of debt are reaching unsustainable levels, when this happens the country solves it by printing more money, that money is then inserted in the financial market causing inflation to increase. This leads to a series of consequences, such as the drop in interest rates and the loss of value of the dollar in international markets. If this situation occurs there is a great possibility that the prices of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, will skyrocket, as many people would see in cryptocurrencies a more solid and reliable option to invest their money.

Acceptance in the industry
The cryptocurrency offers the bookies a series of advantages, such as a faster cash flow between the bookie and the bettor, since the cryptocurrency does not require a third party to mediate the transaction, such as in bank deposits where the money needs to move from bank to another. This has caused that the majority of the big companies in the betting industry adopt cryptocurrencies.

It is only a matter of time for the cryptocurrency market to stabilize and its use to massify, the bookies must remain firm in spite of the changes in the market, since everything points out that the cryptocurrency is going to be an important part of the betting industry. If you haven’t incorporated cryptocurrency on your betting site yet, do it now and take advantage of the current prices, since they may go up in a matter of months.

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