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European Football Tournaments, a gold mine for bookies.


When it comes to soccer bookies tend to only consider MLS in their betting catalog, but the truth is that this is not the best option. Since 2018 MLS has experienced a serious decline in ratings, networks such as Univision report a drop of 24% and ESPN reports a decline of 13% in some games. As we know, the logic of the betting industry indicates that the more people see one sport the more they will want to bet, and the greater the number of spectators, the greater the number of potential bettors. With this logic, the MLS is not the best options right now to make a profit out of soccer betting.

The bookies that want to make a good profit from soccer should turn their eyes to Europe, mainly to continental tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League. These tournaments not only are seen in Europe but record global audiences, as they are transmitted to more than 220 countries, with an estimated audience of 380 million. In the case of Latin America, the last final of the UEFA Champions League registered 4.47 audience points in countries such as Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia, with an estimated reach of more than 5 million people, while in the USA networks registered a rating increase of 16% on the same final.

As we can see there is a large potential market of global bettors interested in betting options for European soccer tournaments. But in addition to this great potential market European soccer offers bookies a twist that can make their betting business even more profitable, it is what we call the bite of the underdog, the matches of these 2 European tournaments tend to be unpredictable, the teams give everything on the field and usually one or two small or non-favorite teams give the surprise by defeating the titans of European football. If the bookies correctly promote betting lines for these tournaments and achieve a good balance between the 2 teams they can end with a good booty.

Pay Per Head providers gives bookies access to betting options for the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League and for a large number of national leagues from several European countries. Bookies must take advantage of these betting options and promote them to a global market since this is the correct strategy to make a profit from soccer betting.

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