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Everyday Operations in the Bookie Business


At the beginning of you bookie operation, everything is easy, you just need to spend a couple of hours each week managing the business, especially if you have a partner with a reliable pay per head provider that gives you a comprehensive set of tools that makes the work of being a bookie easier.
But you don’t have to fall in the comfort zone, mainly if you want to growth your bookie business. The everyday tasks will demand more time and become more complex as you develop your bookie operation, for example, imagine managing 200 players per week. That’s why it’s so important that you learn from the start which of the everyday tasks are the most important and need your close attention and which others you can delegate to someone else.
A good tip is that you don’t focus all the workload of the bookie business on yourself, at the beginning of the business this can be hard, thus you are probably alone, but try that some family or friends help you with some easy tasks, if they invest in the business it would be more easy for you to convince them to get involved in the business, if not you can always pay them a little compensation for their work. The main idea of this exercise is that you get used to delegate and supervise other people’s work, so when your betting site reaches 500 players per week, you will have all the know-how and skills to hire and train a staff.
Managing a betting site is super easy if you rely and know how to use the tools provided by your Pay Per Head partner, for example you can have an assistant that helps you prepare everything for pay and collect from players. With the players balance report and an excel spreadsheet of your bankroll balance, your assistant can make all the calculations, so you only do a quick check that the whole thing is ok and start making the transactions without losing time.
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