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Give your Bookie Business a Global Strategy Approach


It has never been easier for business to expand their operations globally, thanks to the internet and digital assets such as websites and social media. However, if you don’t have a global strategy to guide your efforts you may end wasting time and resources.
In the case of Pay Per Head Bookies, they have a full set of top-class tools and technologies to reach global markets, but these tools are usually wasted by the bookies because they tend to concentrate on their local players and do not even try to expand to another state.  For that reasons we came up with the following recommendations to give a global strategic approach to a gambling business:

There are two types of global strategies bookies can implement:

Transnational Strategy: This strategy is good for small bookies or rookie bookies. The business objectives mainly focus on the home market, but with some specific goals regarding other regions or areas of interest. For example, a Bookie that has a small operation in the area of Miami can use a transnational strategy to expand their business to Fort Lauderdale area. A transnational strategy is often related to the use of Sub-Agents that are in charge of the development and acquisition of new players in a particular area. For that reason, Bookies that want to use a transnational strategy need a Pay Per Head partner that provides a betting management software that allows the bookie to manage subagents.

Multinational Strategy: This strategy is for bookies that want to expand their business outside their home country. This requires that the bookie sets which countries he wants to expand and run marketing campaigns for those countries in order to acquire players. Here the bookie needs the help of some extra staff such a digital marketing expert to run advertising campaigns on social media networks. Bookies also need to check with their Pay Per Head partner to know if they have multilingual staff and in which languages, this important to know which countries your call center will be able to serve and correctly direct the marketing campaigns to those countries.

With a reliable Pay Per Head provider and a global strategy, bookies have all they need to expand their betting business to anywhere in the world.

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