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Good practices in online ads. How bookies can effectively advertise their betting site.


The best marketing tool with which Pay Per Head bookies count is digital marketing. The problem is that every day it becomes more complicated to carry out effective campaigns and give good results in digital media. The over-saturation of information and the little patience of the users make gain their attention a titanic challenge.

To document and share the best practices in digital ads there is a group called The Coalitions for Better Ads, who through extensive research and collaborations with companies like Google have managed to identify the main elements for a good online advertisement.

To help bookies improve their online campaigns and make them more profitable, we present some recommendations from the Coalition for Better Ads.

Do not interrupt users

A common mistake made by all the companies that advertise on the Internet is to believe that the more they interrupt the user, the more likely they are to pay attention to them. The truth is that users are tired of Pop-Up ads or video ads that play on their own. In fact, of the 66,000 users interviewed by the Coalition, more than half said they would not return to a site that has a Pop-Up ad. For this reason, it is better that bookies keep their campaigns simple and do not include Pop-up ads within their own betting sites or on third-party sites.

Offer value in the ads

If we want the attention of the users we must give them something in return for that attention. For this reason, the ads must offer something of value to the users. In the case of bookies many resort to promoting welcome bonuses or free bets in their online campaigns, which is fine, but this is a practice so common in the industry that bookies that want to stand out must go further and think out of the box, offering not only bonuses and free bets, but also rewards for referrals, special promotions of limited time and exclusive offers for certain types of gamblers.

Ads must be a true reflection of the betting site

Another practice that bothers users the most is the ads that are very well designed and project an image of a top-level company, but by clicking and entering the site they find a web page that was designed 20 years ago and that the user experience is nothing close to what the ad projected.

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