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Handicapping, One of the Real Reasons You Need a Pay Per Head Provider


There are many benefits of working with a reputable Pay Per Head provider, most of them related with the amount of work that they reduce to the bookie, like the customer care, web design, betting site support and development of a betting management software. However, there is a service that is often overlooked and that is the true core of the business, we are talking about Handicapping.

Handicapping is the art of predicting ideal betting scenarios, the person that performs this job has a great knowledge mathematical calculation and in the statistics of each team and player involved in a particular game. They create the point spread that splits a wager evenly for both teams.

Of course is quite complicated to predict the outcome of a game, so handicappers do a well-educated guess of the results, based on past statistics, injury reports, weather conditions and other factors that based on their experiences may affect the result.

Aside from coming up with a prediction of the result, they also have to create point spreads that are attractive for bettors to place a wager on both sides of the spread to keep a good balance. Bookies can move the money line of a spread to avoid any balance shift that can cause them big losses.

Handicappers are very important for the business because without point spreads, money lines and odds, there is no gambling. For example, the NFL has 256 games each regular season and the MLB has 162, that’s a total of 418 games just for two sports, with the current demand for sports betting options is impossible for a single bookie to handled and create handicaps for 418 games.  

When you are choosing a Pay Per Head provider apart from considering the technical aspects of their services, the user interface of their betting platform and how many website templates they have available, ask about the experiences and results of their handicappers team, since they can make a huge difference in the performance of your betting site.

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