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How Bookies Can Control their Betting Operation


Control is the key for a successful business, big companies spent thousands of dollars in the development and implementation of software’s and teams to keep track of every little detail that happens within their business operations, so they can make better business decisions based on the data gathered by those systems.

In the gambling industry bookies that want to prosper their betting site need tools and mechanism to oversee their business, in the old days, this tools came in the form of a notebook where the bookie write down every bet placed by their players and where he draft odds and lines to offer to the bettors.

In the modern era, bookies changed the notebook for a betting management software provided by a reliable Pay Per Head company, this software comes packed with several tools and options developed to make the job of the bookie easier.

One of these tools is the Line Control System, this system allows bookies to take over their own lines and manage them at their will. Even when the Pay Per Head staff works hard to provide attractive lines and betting options that appeal to all players and guaranteed a profit for the bookie. There are times where bookies know best what suits better to his better base, so he can change, active or deactivate any betting option featured on their betting site. Bookies can even change live betting options.

The Line Control System can be log from any place in the world and from any kind of devices like smartphones, tablets or computers. The system is so easy to use that any change can be done within seconds.

By controlling the lines Bookies can be more comfortable about how their betting site behaves and create a more appropriate and personalized offer for their clients and increase the chance of getting more bets and a better profit.

Been partner with a Pay Per Head company offers bookies a comprehensive set of tools at a fordable price, these tools allow them to be more competitive and provide high quality services to their players.     

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