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How bookies can increase the bets in eSports on their betting site.


The eSports are becoming more popular around the world, events such as the League of Legends Championships have registered more than 100 million viewers and the numbers are increasing year after year. This increase in the popularity of eSports is due in large part to the great demographic explosion of generations like millennials and centennials who are avid consumers of technological entertainment and have little interest in traditional sports.

The millennials and the centennials are emerging as the new generation of gamblers who, through their tastes and habits, are transforming the betting industry. In the case of the eSports, although the audience figures for some of the events are impressive, the betting figures are not so much, as the bookies have trouble attracting eSports fans to their betting sites. To help bookies increase the bets in eSports on their betting site, we present the following recommendations.

Differentiated website

One of the best ways to attract eSports fans to the betting site is to create a different betting site that is specific for this type of betting. As we mentioned earlier this type of gamblers has no interest in traditional sports, for this reason, they feel out of place when they enter a traditional gambling site where betting options for the NFL and NBA are presented. Bookies must create an exclusive betting site for eSports fans with a user interface that resembles that of video games so that they feel comfortable.


This new generation of gamblers is quicker to adopt new technologies, moreover, they are more concerned with issues of online security and the protection of their data, for this reason, it is expected that in the coming years this type of gamblers will adopt cryptocurrencies as their main means to place bets. For that reason, bookies should make sure to accept cryptocurrencies on their gambling site.

The world of betting changes quickly, bookies that want to stay competitive and at the forefront should look for a good Pay Per Head provider that provides them with all the tools and platforms they need to properly manage their business.

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