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How can Bounce Rate affect your Mobile Betting Site Profit?


Bounce rate is a metric used to measure the number of visitors that land on a given page and immediately abandon the page without engaging or performing any action. This metric is very important because if the rate is very high it means that something is wrong with your website, could be your content, the navigation layout or the loading speed of the site.

For example, when it comes to mobile sites, loading speed is the top reason why people leave a site without engaging, according to a research by Google, 62% of the users said that they won’t visit a mobile website that doesn’t load fast. The research also shows that the average mobile website takes 15.3 seconds to load and that just one second delay can impact negatively in up 20% bounce rate.

To put this in money perspective, Google developed an impact calculator where website owners can measure how much money they can earn or lose with different loading speeds, in an example with a retail website an improvement of 2.7 seconds in the loading speed can mean $219,303 of potential annual revenue. If we applied the same principle to a betting site, we can deduce that the same improvement of 2.7 seconds in the loading speed can mean between $15,000 and $27,000 of potential revenue for a small to a medium size bookie.

Fast and reliable mobile experiences are demand by all users across all industry sectors, even bettors. That’s the reason why bookies should keep an eye on the bounce rate of their mobile betting site and test the loading speed of the site at least two times per month.

The test of loading speed and other elements of the mobile experiences navigation should not be limited to your own betting site; you need to also try the site of your competitors and take notes of what they are doing well.

After you run the test and compile good information about what can improve on your betting site, talk with the web programmers and the design team of your Pay Per Head provider and work with them to update and solve all the issues you discover. 

Bounce rate can make or break a betting site and the only way bookies can make sure to have the best mobile navigation experiences for their bettors is by having the support of a staff of expert web programmers, however, this kind of staff cost lots of money and most bookies cannot afford. Given this, bookies that want a top notch betting site with all the features and the latest technology, need the help of a reputable pay per head provider.

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