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How long it takes to solve a customer complain?


Have you ever stopped to think about how long it takes for a customer service agent to resolve a problem or complaint? or better yet, have you asked yourself how much the necessary time should be for the customer service agent to resolve a query without the client feeling impatient?

These are questions that every bookie that has the services of a pay per head company should be done since there is 4 times more potential to lose a customer through any customer service interaction. That is, each time one of your players calls your free 800 number, there is a high potential for that to be the last call, if something goes wrong with the treatment the client receives from the clerk, or if the clerk takes a long time to solve the query that the player has.

Bookies must constantly audit and monitor the quality of the customer service that their players are receiving from the Pay Per Head company, as this may mean the success or failure of the betting business. Some Pay Per Head companies that operate offshore have their offices in countries where the type of staff they can get to occupy the customer service positions has a very strong tone of voice that some punters may come to perceive as aggressive. If the bettors perceive the customer services staff of your betting business as aggressive they may look for another bookie. 

In order not to lose gamblers because of bad customer service, bookies must take into account the following:

Response time
No matter the type of customer request, whether it is a claim, a question or placing a bet, no interaction should last more than 10 minutes. That is, no matter how complex the client's request is, the clerk must be able to provide a solution to the client in 10 minutes or less since according to various studies this is the average tolerance time of the clients when performing telephone transactions.

The clerk has to be able to transmit to the client confidence and enthusiasm, make him feel that he is really interested and making an effort to provide the best solution to his request.


The clerks who receive bets must have a wide knowledge of different sports and their betting options since they must have the ability to clarify any doubts that the bettor may have.

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