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How the Speed of your Betting Site Affects your Business


So you finally made it you build your betting site on your own or maybe you hire a web programmer for a couple of thousands to help you with the task, in any case, you spend months working hard to get your betting site is live on the internet. The thing is though even when your betting site may look amazing and has everything you wanted, does it load fast? You may think this it’s not important and many web programmers and designers tend to overlook this matter, prioritizing the aesthetics over performance, but this common mistake can have a high cost on the bookies profit.

Website loading speed has a huge impact on your visitors, 47% of the users expect websites to load in two seconds or less, if your betting site doesn’t stand to the expectation, you can lose a lot of potential players, since 40% will abandon any page that takes three or more seconds to load.

Just one-second delay on your betting site loading can decrease your player’s satisfaction by 16%. So those large images you placed on your homepage look great, but if they do not do it the right way, they may be the reason why your business is not growing.

The best way to speed up your betting site is by having a reliable Pay Per Head provider on your side, this will reduce your website design and production cost, since they give you access to a complete staff of engineers that will build a custom betting site for you in 48 hours for a low monthly fee, that can be around $8.

The staff of engineers has several years of experience in the gambling industry and knows all the tricks and best practices to build a great looking betting site, which also has a great loading speed, that matches the expectations of all those demanding visitors out there. They would also help you to update your betting site at any time you wanted or to integrated new technologies that hit the market and can improve the performance of your website.

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