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How the betting business can be your retirement investment plan


People are always worried about how to protect and make the most out of their money. With all the financial crisis and economic problems the world has been going through, those concerns about money now also have the question of: How can I ensure a worthy retirement?
In the past people put their retirement in the hands of a pension fund, the problem is that those pension funds deliver low earnings of about 7% or they make terrible investments with this money and end up losing it, putting the future of thousands of people at risk.
Economist around the world recommends that the best way to secure a good retirement is having alternative sources of income and investments that are not related to the stock exchange markets. This is the reason why a betting business can be a good way to start building and secure a great retirement.
For example, if someone puts $10,000 in a traditional retirement account at 7% it would take around 40 years for the total investment to grown to around $113,000. In addition, this type of investment is subject to changes in the markets and in the policy, bankruptcy of the fund management company or low-interest rates, which may affect the final result.
However, if that same person enters into the gambling business and invests that $10, 000 in the following:
$7,000 for bankroll
$2,000 for marketing
$1,000 for the first months of operation
The result of this investment is quite different, for example, if this person manages to get 10 players that bet $5 each into their online casino, monthly earnings can be around $1500 per month, $18 000 a year, $720 000 in 40 years with just 10 players.
Which investment looks more lucrative now? However, it is not that easy to enter into the gambling business and build a betting site that produces that amount of money. For that, people need to look for a reliable pay per head provider that offers a comprehensive set of tools to run a bookie business for a small monthly fee.
It's trough a pay per head provider that people can start in the betting business and build a better future with a very lucrative investment.
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