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How to Promote Triple Crown Betting Action.


Horse racing it’s a beautiful sport, especially for bookies since it reports around $140 million on wagers per year. With that amount of money, there is a huge potential to make a fat profit from horse racing betting. However, to achieve a good money stream from the tracks, bookies need to understand how to promote the races the right way.
To help bookies increase their profits from horse racing, especially the Triple Crown event, here are some recommendations.

What is The Triple Crown?
Several countries where thoroughbred racing is popular have their own Triple Crown series. However, the most popular and the one that gets all the betting actions is the United States Triple Crown, which consists of three races: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Winning all three races is considered the greatest accomplishment in thoroughbred racing, but this doesn’t happen a lot which is an important fact bookies need to have in mind.

Focus on the Horses 
When people bet on horse racing, they choose a horse that will win the race, it’s pretty simple, what bookies can do is promote those horses in 2 different ways:

For Each Race
The Kentucky Derby is the first race of the series and the most popular one, that’s the reason why bookies need to pay attention to the winners of that race. After the Kentucky Derby, bookies need to offering betting options and promotions to attract bets to other horses rather than the Derby winner for the Preakness Stakes race. This will help bookies to keep a good balance between all the available horses since there is a big chance that the Derby winner will attract much of the betting action for Preakness Stakes.

The Triple Crown Winner
Bookies can also use the Kentucky Derby winner as a catch and directly promote future wagers for that horse to win the Triple Crown, which has only happened 12 times since 1919. So odds are on the favor of the bookie.
To make the most out of horse race betting, Bookies need a Pay Per Head partner that provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage all the action from the tracks. 

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