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How to build a great betting site.


Having an online betting site is very simple thanks to the Pay Per Head providers, but not all Pay Per Head providers offer a betting site that lives up to the current quality standards and according to the demands of the players. Some Pay Per Head providers simply offers a series of templates to their bookies, where they can only modify a few features. Using a predesigned template for the betting site is not bad at first, but as the business scales and grows the bookie needs a personalized betting site that reflects its personal brand and differentiates it from the competition. For this reason, the bookies should look for a pay per head provider that offers them the ease of designing their own betting site and that has a full staff of web designers and programmers that help the bookie to realize their ideas and concepts for the betting site.

Some aspects that bookies should take into account when designing their betting site are:

The speed of the site
1-second delay in loading your betting site can mean losing up to 20 potential customers. The loading speed of a website is a very important and determining factor for users today. Bookies should make sure that their betting site loads at a good speed, for this they can use Google's Page Speed tool.

User Experience
A good betting site has to be easy to use, that is, the client must be able to create an account and place his first bet with a few clicks. In addition, the site must present in an orderly and complete all the information that the customer may need such as means of payment, emails and contact numbers, among others.

Content quality
Bettors look for betting sites that provide them with good content. When talking about content we refer on the one hand to content related to the world of sports and betting such as news, previews of games and betting tips, and on the other hand to attractive and varied betting options.

The betting site is one of the most important parts of the business and can not be taken lightly.

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