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How to create a Mobile Strategy for your Betting Site


Nowadays if you try to run a betting site without a mobile strategy you probably will be out of business in a couple of months. Mobile has changed the rules of the game and redefined the way a person gambles.

Bookies need to understand that they no longer compete with just other betting sites. Now, bookies compete with the best experience a consumer has ever had. That means that consumer compares the experience on your mobile betting site with other mobile sites regardless of the industry. If a consumer had a great mobile experience on Amazon, for example, they are going to expect the same experiences on all mobile sites they interact with.

With consumer expectations so high, bookies need to set a mobile strategy to meet player’s needs and stay competitive. For that reason here are some recommendations to develop a mobile strategy:

It’s not about the technology
Many times when bookies and other entrepreneurs decided to create a mobile strategy they only focus on technology and believe that investing thousands of dollars in servers and programmers is sufficient. However, technology is only a means to an end. The thing that has to be in the core of a mobile strategy is the consumer; regardless of the technology that can be used or afford, what matters the most is to know what people want from a mobile experience. According to a study by Google, they are three things people are demanding: help me faster, know me better and wow me everywhere. If bookies are able to meet these three demands they can create memorable mobile gambling experiences that will win users heart and soul and ultimate will make their betting site more profitable.

To meet peoples demands, bookies need the help of a Pay Per Head partner that has years of experience in the gambling industry. Seasoned per head shops have a deep knowledge of what players want in terms of a mobile gambling experience and with all that knowledge they develop tailor-made products to meet those expectations.  

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