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How to create a strategy for live betting


We can assure you that live betting is no longer the future of the gambling industry, it is the present, as more and more people use their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets while watching an NBA or NFL game and place live bets as the game develops.

Live betting gives gamblers a higher level of excitement and engagement with the game they are watching because they can receive in real time the results of the bet they made and can adapt their betting strategy depending on how the match develops making them feel like they have full control of the situation.

For bookies that have not yet fully exploited the potential of live betting, here are some recommendations

The public
As we mentioned, live betting has become extremely popular, but not all bettors like this betting format. Casual players and novices are the most enthusiastic about live betting, so bookies should focus on promoting live betting options for this segment.

TV Broadcasted Games
Bookies must be aware of the different games that will be broadcast both by national television and pay television, as these games will attract more players in search of live betting options. Knowing the broadcast schedules will help bookies to know on which games to focus their marketing efforts.

Use betting reports
Bookies can use the betting reports provided by their pay per head partner to create live betting promotion strategies tailored for a specific segment of players, as through these reports they can identify the teams to which bettors are willing to bet and offer them live betting options for the games of those teams.

To have a profitable betting site, bookies must take full advantage of all the options and tools provided by Pay Per Head providers, such as live betting, through which bookies can create a very good source of income, without the need to invest a lot of money or effort since the Pay Per Head company provides a high technology live betting platform, ready to satisfy even the most demanding gambler.

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