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How to deal with smartass players?


Smartass players have been around for decades, they try to beat the house with different techniques like following wagering patterns, placing bets on specific hours and many more. They never represented a real threat to the gambling industry until now. Technology has changed the gambling business in many ways, it makes wagering more safe and private, provides players with a wide range of betting options in different sports around the world. But also provides smartass players with new tools to try to beat the house.

If you perform an internet search with the words: how to beat the sportsbook or how to beat the odds, you can find almost 1,000,000 results. Although the quantity sounds overwhelming, the truth is that most of these websites provide guides and tips without foundation and that do not represent a threat to the bookie business.

However, there are some real threats out there like sports pick service that specializes in collect and suggest odds with high gain value for the player. There is also odd calculating software that finds lines with a value among many betting sites.
This kind of services and software can take a bookie off guard and seriously damage their finances since most bookies won’t even notice that a player is using these techniques to beat the house.
The best way to protect your betting site from the smartass players is through a reliable Pay Per Head provider. Most of the tricks to beat the bookie are based on find value lines or poorly managed lines. A reliable pay per head will only provide well-curated lines, especially pick by a staff of betting experts that will always think in protect bookies profits.
Another tool provide by pay per head companies to deal with smartass players is the betting alerts tool, through this bookies can set alerts that will trigger when a player places a bet higher than normal.
Also, bookies should keep an eye on the player reports to spot unusual wagering patterns and players that improved their winning percentages overnight, since this may mean that they are using some kind of help to try to beat the house.
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