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How to evaluate a Pay Per Head Provider?


Choosing the right Pay Per Head provider is the determining factor that can lead a betting site to success or to ruin. But making this decision is not easy and bookies can get confused with the huge amount of promotional information delivered by the per head companies. This promotional information often refers to features and technologies that the bookie may not even be familiar with.

Given this scenario a question rises, how to evaluate a Pay Per Head Provider?, especially among rookie bookies. To help them in the process of selecting a pay per head partner, here are some recommendations:

Look for Free Trials
The first step to evaluate a Pay Per Head provider is by actually testing their services firsthand, that’s the reason why you should look for free trials. Reputable Pay Per Head companies will insist on trying their free trial first before signing up with them. The fact that they offer a free trial is a good indicator that the per head company is reliable and that they trust in the betting solution they are offering. Take advantage of the free trial to dive deep into all the features and options the Per Head company provides.

Test it to the Limit
During the free trial, test all the features of the betting software, especially the betting options, try out parlays, spreads, money lines, and every type of bet on the wagering software. Remember that this is the backbone of your business, that’s the reason why is so important that you pay attention to how each betting option works.  

Look for the Simple
After you run several free trials with different Pay Per Head providers, ask yourself, which one was the easiest to use? Keep in mind that you will have to use this platform every day to manage your bookie business, so if the betting software is complex and confusing to use you will be wasting time trying to figure out how to perform every task. The user-friendly betting software will save you time and money.

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