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How to find sub-agents for your bookies business


We have mentioned in this blog that one of the best ways to grow a bookie business is trough sub-agents. However, no all bookies are willing to take the step of hiring sub-agents, since they fell that become a bookie master agent it will mean more work, in addition to the risk that exists to hire a bad agent that ruins the reputation of the betting site.

The truth is that manage sub-agents it will require a little more effort from the bookie master, but if he has the support of a reliable Pay Per Head provider the work will not be so complicated because if the betting management software of the per head shop has the option of managing subagents, keep track of the movements of the sub-agents and the players they bring is extremely easy. The bookie master will have reports and alerts in real time of everything that the sub-agents do.

The tricky part though is to find the best sub-agents for your bookie business, to help you with that we recommend the following:

Go Deep in the Personal Aspect 

When hiring a sub-agent the most important thing is compatibility, even when sub-agents are independent and work on their own, they are still employees of the bookie master. That’s the reason why the sub-agent must be compatible with the bookie master business philosophy and culture. To know if a sub-agent is a good fit for your bookie business, you must go deep in the pin the personal aspects, for example, you use Simon Sinek golden circle framework to ask the following questions: Why he wants to be a sub-agent? How will he be a sub-agent? And what he is expecting to get from been a sub-agent?

With this questions, bookie master can find out what is the true motivation and drivers of the sub-agent to perform his job and can spot those that really want to commit with the job from those that only are looking for a side job or temporally job while they find something better.

Once a bookie finds the right team of sub-agents his gambling business can growth limitless.

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