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How to get potential players from Facebook


There are many people that confuse or underestimate the true value of social media advertising, for example when it comes to Facebook many tend to believe that by having large numbers of fans it means they are doing a good job. But the truth is that those thousands of fans mean nothing if any of them are becoming active players on your betting site.

That’s why bookies that have a fan page for their bookie business need to set a strategy with clear and measurable goals that allow them to perceive the true value of their social media efforts. For bookies looking to improve their Facebook game, here are some recommendations:

Understand the Numbers

As we mention the number of fans you have on your fan page is irrelevant, so don’t waste too much time looking how your fan base growths. If you already have a few thousand people on your fan page, set a goal of how many of those fans you want to convert into active bettors during a period of time, aim between 10% a 15% of the total fans.

Understand the Fans

The second step is to understand what type of fans you have on your fan page, the majority is seasoned bettors or maybe you have a lot of first-timers that have little to non-knowledge about wagering. Once you figure out what type of fans you have, you can start creating content that is appealing to them. For example in the case of first-timers, you may want to focus on content that covers the basics about betting on different sports and leagues, the amount of money they can earn from a single bet and the bonus and benefits of open an account on your betting site for the first time.

Follow the Numbers

When you have all set and running, keep an eye on the metrics about the number of people that click your links on Facebook to go to the betting site, and the number of people that fund an account or stay to play, you can use Google Analytics tool to perform this follow up.

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