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How to maintain a healthy payment policy for your bookie business.


A fundamental part of the betting business is to keep accounts clear with the bettors. On many occasions we have seen news of sportsbooks that do not want or can pay the profits to their bettors, usually when this happens there is a big media scandal that ends up ruining the reputation of the bookie and places it on the blacklist. But this situation also happens the other way where punters fall behind with payments and accumulate large debts with bookies. The problem is that the bookies cannot go to the media and denounce all the gamblers who are behind with their payments so that these are banned from all betting sites. This does not mean that the bookie does not have tools and techniques to correctly handle a situation of late payments and can recover some of the money.

Know your clients and their habits

The best way to handle the situation of late payments is to avoid it, for this the bookies that operate through a Pay Per Head company have different tools for this, one of those tools are the reports, through these reports bookies can know the betting habits of their customers and identify those that may present a risk to the business.

Set limits and alerts

Another tool with which Pay Per Head bookies counts is bet limits, this allows them to establish the limit that each player can bet in a certain sport or event in this way the bookie can ensure that no player bets more money of the allowed. Bookies can also set betting alerts that notify the bookie when the allowed limit of bets is being exceeded or there is behavior in a betting line that may put the business at risk.

Limit credit to players

A great way to get players to constantly bet and keep a good cash flow on the betting site is by giving credit to some customers. The bookies have to be very careful when giving credit to their players and they should only do it with those who have a lot of confidence and a good record of payments. It must be remembered that credit is a privilege; therefore bookies must revoke that privilege when one of the gamblers fails to comply with the agreed terms.

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